KonlineHouse F.A.Qs

Pls. check below F.A.Q for your reference first.

If you still remain curiosity, feel free to contact us for further information. mailto :  konlinehouse@gmail.com or Hello(Notice and Quick Q&A board)
If you did not receive any reply from Konlinehouse.com yet,  Pls. Check your spam folder.


What is different Buying service and Combine shipping service?

Buying Service is All in one service, it means, if you found any Korean interesting products at any Korean shops, you can ask us to buy and ship to your place, sending with quotation request ( Send quotation request > Payment for Quotation > Shipment )
KonlineHouse will order your products as your buying order requeted and inspect&packing and ship to your place.

Buying service is the easiest way to buy my items ?
Yes, this is the best way that we know and easiest way, "Buying Service",  All you have to do is just let us know what you want to buy.
1. Fill the buying service request and send if you found any items that you want to buy.  2. quotation will be given to your e-mail  within 1 hour.  3. You can check quotation and make payment.  4. We buy and ship to you.

Combine Shipping Service is only Combined pack shipping service to your place, it means, f you found and orderd by your self at any Korean interesting products at any Korean shops, you can ask the shops(Gmarket, or others shop where you can make order and payment by your self) to deliver to Konlinehouse's warehouse, You can send the combine shipping quotation request to KonlineHouse ( Send Combine shipping request > Payment for Quotation > Shipment )KonlineHouse will pick up your products as your Combine shipping requeted and make combined packing and ship to your place, You can check your order status at the your product page which given by KonlineHouse.(Your product page will be given after accpet your combine shipping request)

*Combine Shipping Service offer your packages gathering and make combined packing and Shipping service to your place( offering Korean delivery address).

Pls. Join and check the status with PO.Number for your order status- arrival warehouse or other things, updated every packages item with pictures.

Combine shipping service is the cheapest way to buy my items ?
Yes, this is the best way that we know and cheapest way, "Combine Shipping Service", The first important is shop where you want to buy your items from,  They should offer overseas Payment system included English version- so, You can make order and payment on your order by your self,.

1. If the shop accept overseas payment( especially your payment and mostly they accept overseas issued Credit card recently). 

2. Order your self and then, add our konlinehouse address to your address book in the shop and make the local delivery to here.(if you have any problem, pls. let us know, We will add KonlineHouse address to your shop's address book for you.  

3. We will wait and update your product page. 

4. If all your order items arrived here, you can make order through your product page ( we will take them pictures and inform you - You should inform us when all your order sent by sellers, so that we can take them pictures and ready for packing )

5. We will ship your box for you after your payment clearance

Can I choose delivery options ?
KonlineHouse offer only EMS. but, You can choose shipping charge "Pay with order" or "Pay later" at shipping page (Pay later - Shipping charge will be charged once your items arrived here with actual weight and shipped with your shipping payment)   
EMS(Express Mail Service) is controlled by Korean post office, and service over 120 countries. they are safer and faster
with Tracking number.- recommend EMS

* If you have any problem using EMS, Pls. let us know, We can find better way together~.

*Pls. visit EMS official site for more information.
(Speed & Freight Charge) EMS is best with Tracking number available.

Can I trace delivery ?
Sure, KonlineHouse offer Tracking number and link, You can check the tracking number after shipment in your account of Konlinehouse.com. Click the link or Trackign number, them you can see below, and you will find more detail in your order location real time.

Also you can click below Korean Post office Tracking system below

EMS Tracking with Trackign Website of Each Country

ems tracking in Korea

Can i know Estimate cost for buying service ?, 
Sure, You can expect your cost before sending order request, pls. check Estimate page for you.

PayPal(Credit Cards)accept ?
We accept PayPal payment, you can use credit card via PayPal without any registered PayPal.

What is KRW(Korean Won) and Exchange rate ?
KRW(WON) or , 원, are same meaning of Korean currency,  quotation price is based of PayPal currency exchange rates . Currency rate is hourly changed, therefore, real-time currency rate against USD will be applied in the Quotation..

I sent Service request, but, still I do not received any mail, How can i do ? 
Hi, Basically, We send order confirm( for Combine shipping service) mail to your mail, and Payment link with quotation detail( for your Buying service) to your mail within 1 hour in Business days( Mon.~ Friday, AM 10:00 ~PM 06:00) but, it non-business days, it could be delayed.

* You can also check your spam folder (Please.check your spam folder, if not received any mail from us.)


What is Korean Buying Service ?
1.When you found your interesting goods/products, you can copy the website's items URL where the goods located, and send to KonlineHouse with your message and wait for actual quotation.
2.The Payment link with quotaion will be given to you within 1hour, If you acceptable the quotation, Pls.confirm on it with  payment for the value(Items amount + Handling fee + Shipping)
* Handling fee is 14.5% for Items amount. ( if the items amount is less US$100, US$15.00 will be as Handling fee
3.KonlineHouse inspection team will inspect all your items very careful with professionalism, and will be reported to our  customers if our team found some critical defect on it ( we ship only perfect items to customers ).
* KonlineHouse respect for customer's taste and selection of merchandise, we,therefore, inspect the equality with color, design that confirmed merchadise by customers and remarkable defects on the machandise (holes, broken parts, different color, design, style)will be reported to customers before shipment.

buying service

I choose "Pay later(Shipping charge later)" Shipping method option instead of EMS Shipping option,  What is "Pay later option" ?
If you choose "Pay later" option at Shipping method step, Buying quotation will be given to you without "shpping charge" and we will proceed with your order after your payment and we will send you "Shipping charge" payment link once all your items arrived here after we measured your order items actual weight and we will Ship to you after your Payment for shipping. ( Below refer to 1~4, and will be issue below if you choose " Pay later )

 korean shipping charge

I received your quotation link with detail after sending buying service request, but, where is my order detail for check order ?
We send quotation payment link with detail and also PDF Quotation file through your email, You can find the detail that you requested order items at your email and also the linked of your page, pls. refer to below.

Buying Korean products with konlinehouse

Buying Korean service konlinehouse

What is your Service fee for Buying service ?.

KonlineHouse offer the cheapest handling fee.  You can enjoy world cheapest handling, we offer an equal handling fee (14.5% for total amount (except shipping) for your ordering to one shops(single shop order) or several shops(multiple shops orders).
Some of agent 10% or less , but, they ask service fee and PayPal fee and other charge, so, finally, it almost over 15~20%,so, it exceed your budget, it's very silly.

We only offer 14.5% -no hidden charge ( looks higher than other agent?, No, just calculate)
ie) If you buy 2~3 items from 2 shops, and total amount is US$100, In this case, you Payable Amount is US$100(Your items amount) + US$14.5( Handling fee) + EMS shipping charge. that' all. no hidden charge at all.
Our handling fee is cheapest, but, we take us$15 as minimum handling fee if your items amount less us$100, this is for ensure minimum management for KonlineHouse.
e) Your items total amount + buying handling fee + Shipping charge

Item Total amount less US$100 will be applied us$15  , "No minimum or Maximum



What is Korean online Shipping service?

What is shipping serivce

Make it simple,  you can order by your self, and deliver to your office in Korea ( You can use Korean office under your name, and Shop and make deliver to the palce), you can join Korean online Shops WHERE Can have Foreign Credit Card/or other Payment system.

ex) Gmarket, Interpark, 11st, and other available Shops( Recently some Korean online shop accept Overseas Credit card with local delivery, but, Gmarket is best and reliable)

First- Join KonlineHouse.com /  Get Korean local warehouse address / Order your self to your shops(Gmarket) and delivery to Local KonlineHouse warehouse with your name. / We sort and arrange all your item packages and combine into one box and Ship to you.

KonlineHouse shipping service

Where can i get Local warehouse address ?
You can refer to HERE,

I have no account Gmarket, and 11st, How can i get an account ?
You can refer below pictures. You can see the Register link in top if each website(Gmarket, 11st and other shops where accept overseas account) and simply join in websites.- if you feel difficuty- pls. let us know, we will add out Korean local address for you.

How to join Gmarket

I 'd like to join other Korean shops as member, Can you help me ?
No, We can not,  The shop sholud be support overseas payment and English version system, but, the systmes are not supported by most of Korean shops now.

I ordered and make delivery to KonlineHouse warehouse with my name, what is next ?
 You can send Combine Shipping service request, You can click "COMBINE SHIPPING SERVICE" and Choose Your package(Sellers or Shops) Qunatites, and Packing way and then Submit your order acceptance mail(Your combine shipping page which we arrange for you , your order will be updayed whenever your package arrived here with pictures)will be sent to you

Okay, I choosed my options and put my orders sellers q'ty in and procced and check address and click the confirm on my Combine shipping service request, What's Next ?,
Thanks, You may find your product page link which given by KonlineHouse, when all your packages arrived and packed for Shipment and you can also make payment,


How long can you keep my items is your warehouse ?. i have a plan to add, do I have to pay storge fee ?
Eventough we repoted your items all arrived at your requested, if you have no payment for it or any comment on the status for 15days, We consider your items as abandon and will be thrown out, but, if you confirm on the additional order or any plan, we will keep and extent the period by a month at free.

My order which ordered shops(Gmarket/11st), cancelled, should i let you know ?
if your order still not delivered to KonlineHouse warehouse, due to the cancelled or out of stock and othe reasons, pls. let us know, so that we will combine without cancelled items to make shipment without delay.

How long would it take to receive my package once it has arrived at KonlineHouse.com ?
After your package arrives at KonlineHouse warehouse, you will be notified of the package's arrival at KonlineHouse within 1 business day.
Once the customer submits a payment, the package will be shipped within 1 business days.
After KonlineHouse ships a package, it will take about 2-5 days, depending on the destination country, to reach the shipping address.
You can track your package by using the tracking number provided by EMS

What is your handling fee for Combine Shipping service ?.
Shipping service fee : EMS Shipping fee + 4%(paypal fee) +US$2.5(handling fee) /each Package from shops.

EMS Shipping fee : refer to HERE

Handling fee : 8.5% against EMS Shipping fee.

Storage fee:

1 package( sellers)= US$2.5  ex.) If you order 2 packages(sellers) from Gmarket, total US$5.00

If your EMS Shipping US$20, and your ordered 2 packages(sellers),

US$20(EMS Shipping) + US$1.7(Handling fee) + US$5.00(Storage fee) = Total US$26.70

*separated packing from same shop is considered as different package and shop.

Prohibited Goods ?,

Explosives,High pressure gas, Flammable Liquids , Combustibles, Oxidizing agents, Toxis or infectious substances, Radioactive materials, Corrosives and others.. and there are prohibited goods for individual countries, so, pls,check your country's customs before ordering.

* We are not responsible for Missing, Return of importation prohibited, Unknown, Refused, Gone away, Unclaimed of buyer side.

What if I found some defective and wrong items, can I replace/refund or cancel order?
You can contact and solve this problem your Gmarket/11st C.S or other shop's seller where you made order.

What if EMS is not available in our country, What shall i do ?
Please.Contact us. We will handle it.

If you have any question ?. feel free to contact us or Email to office@konlinehouse.com, We will replay quickly ( of cause, in Business days )- Sunday, Saturday and National Holiday can be delayed ~