When you found your goods in any korean OPEN websites(such as Gmarket and other Online shops where you can buy and pay yourself) if they ship domestically within Korea,or needed to combine them, but, you have no Korean office or palce under your name, in this case, we,KonlineHouse, help you receiving the items and arrange ship them out to your place under your office name.

Customers, all you have to do is just sending your package list & Local tracking number(if you got tracking number, if tracking number is not available-Leave it blank) through Shipping Service Request (Refer to below-How to fill out KonlineHouse Shipping request),  after you made your own order in the market (pls. get local delivery address from us first)

1.Join our with registeration

2.Get our  local delivery address information.

3.Make orders youself to korean open market such as Gmarket, and send us your Shipping Service request-Acceptance mail will be sent to your mail with PO. Number and URL Link (Pls.check below "How to fill out Shipping request )

4.We will update you order status until all your package arrived here. (if the local delivery dealyed You can also check your each items status in your account where you made order)

5.You can check your packages update at your "Combine shipping Page" which given to you with PO Number.

6. You can pay your amount in our website and We will ship when your payment cleared.

KonlineHouse will pick up all parcel(box, or package container)'s quantities and put into one carton box and measure total weight, and let you know Total price that you should pay, when we received all your items from local sellers(3~7days) and arrange for shipment. and payment cleared Delivery tracking Number will be given to you with shipment

* If you did not receive any reply from yet,  Pls. Check your spam folder.

Combine Shipping Service Simple flow

Korena combine shipping service


Name(Company) :  Your name or Company

E-mail : Your Email

Package QTY :  Our Price based on package q'ty
Your package( seller) order quantities, this is not your order items each quantity(i.e, if you made order one seller-5pcs clothes, then, they will send 5pcs into one carton package, this case, We called it Package,=1 package order)- this package q'ty could be different with seller/shops delivery plan.

Customs Content Type :  Let us know your items content, such as Books, Clothes, and other, we will write on your package for customs declaration.

Customs Declaration :  You can choose one of options, It will be marked for customs declaration( Gift. Merchant, Sample), recommend Gift.

Customs Value : if you have already Local tracking numbers(not transaction number)-You can let us know, or, if you have order shops/Sellers name, pls. let us know. other case, You can let us know your order items URL so that we can check the sellers/Shops with items.

SUBMIT : If you completed your request form, pls. click the SUBMIT, Order acceptance message will be sent to your mail.

Combine shipping Service is offered each packages arrival informatation with pictures, and, You can ask Shipment anytime, proceeding your cart payment. 

* If you did not receive any reply from yet,  Pls. Check your spam folder.( you can click it leads to combine shipping service request)- Shipping service will be updated whenever your package arrived at warehouse with package picture- You can check your Tracking number on the box and know your order staus easily.

FOR COMBINE SHIPPING SERVICE REQUEST : You can Click below or Go to Shipping service Request

Combine Shipping SERVICE by KonlineHouse

Combine shipping service Status

We will send your Combine Shipping service PO Number, after your requested through SHIPPING ORDER REQUEST reciving,  and You can refer your order stock status with your PO Number, Your order stock status will be updated with pictures whenever your packages arrived here.

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We will arrange pick up all your packages and combined pack as your requested through ORDER REQUEST,  and URL link & PO.Number  will be sent you through your E-mail, You can check your order status and make payment ( You can check with order number at your order status in Konlinehouse website search bar).

* Best Cost Best Service-KonlineHouse

Best value and best service KonlineHouse

We will arrange and sort a space for your packages with your order request, and take pictures on the packages whenever the packages arrived here and check the q'ty and measure the weight, and let you know Total Price for Shipment arranged.


SUMMARY service fee

EMS Shipping fee + 8.5%(handling fee against Shipping) + US$2.5(Storage fee) /each Package from shops.

EMS Shipping fee : refer to below ( EMS shipping rate and delivered by Korean Post office)   KOREAN POST OFFICE EMS RATE HERE

Handling fee : 8.5% against EMS Shipping fee ( It will be included Price)

Storage fee: Refer to below.


ex.) If you order 5 packages(sellers) from Gmarket, Total Storage fee is US$12.50
*If Your package is 2.4Kgs,  EMS Shipping US$28.00

US$28.80(EMS Shipping) + US$2.38(Handling fee) + US$12.50(Storage fee)= Total US$43.68

*Separated packing from same shop is considered as different package and shop.


Shipping local steps by KonlineHouse

*We are not responsible for wrong delivery, item or delay from sellers.-We recommend you to check delivery address, and check status at your order shop)
*We are not inspect and repack the poly bag, We just do re-packing following packing way as your requested by option
*There are some problem using English in Korea, English is not working well in delivery local ( so. We recomend you to use Korean if possible)