Live Store Pick-up Service

Live Store Pick-up Service

Get Fresh Korean products from Korean live market directly!

*We are not buy them from online market or stock market, we get them from live market every day!
*Some of items could be delayed, due to the re-stock schdule. Found your interesting merchandsie in here, We ship within 24 hours

Shop from Korean Grocery live store and enjoy fast delivery.

More of Live market items will be listed step by steps

* There are differnt plug design for electric outlet for All Korean electrical products, so, You need to check in advance ( Muti electric plug tab)

* Some of items( Some cosmetic, Medicine. Spay, Perfume, Mirror) could be banded imported to some of countries, Pls. Check before you made an other. 

We ship within 24 hours after your payment.

Simple and Easy way, You can Copy URL any items that you want to buy and send the Live store Pink-up Service Request, We will check and send you quotation, if you accept, we will arrange pick-up at Live stores and make pack for shipping.


* Shipping will be fixed  "Pay Later" - We will measure actual weight and let you know Shipping charge before shipment ( for more information, pls. here

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