When you found some interesting items in any korean online shops, You mane it , We "KonlineHouse"  buy for you and Send you.

Customers, all you have to do is just sending your Buying Quotation Request (recomended)or, mail to KonlineHouse, when you found your interesting merchandise in korean any online shopping websites, We will buy and send to you.

1.Join our with registeration

2.Send Buying Service Request.

3.We will send you Quotation with Payment link, you can confirm on quotation with payment

4.Your order status will be informed whenever it changed( arrived, out of stocks, and etc.)

5.Shipment will be made once all your items arrived here and tracking number will be given to you.

* If you did not receive any reply from yet,  Pls. Check your spam folder.

Buying Service Simple flow

Korena Buying service


Name :  Your mane or Company name

E-mail : Your Email or your Company Email

Delivery County :  This delivery country is very important to make shipping cost, but, if your delvery address is same wit your regiestered address, leave it blank.

Are you ( Your status) :  Choose one of them Vistor (People who have no account of Konlinehouse), Customer (All customer who have an account of Konlinehouse).- Vistor can not be given Payment link and daily status of orders via account pages, only the payment and update order status made through E-mail only. 

Shipping Payment way : Choose one of options ( Pay all in advance, or Pay deposit(Shipping charge later)

Pay all in advance : We will issue All included Invoice ( Items price+handlign fee + Shipping charge)
Shipping charge later : Your shipping fee will be charged when all your items arrived at our warehouse, we measured actual weight and charge the shipping and you can make payment for shipping charge. This option You should pay First payment (Items price + Handling fee) and Final payment (Shipping fee).

Contents & Items URL. : Copy the items URL Links and colora and order q'ty. 

Ex),  if you can not copy the URL links, You can capture the picture or send  the style number via our E-mail.

SUBMIT : If you completed your request form, pls. click the SUBMIT, Your order quotation will be sent to your Email. 

* If you did not receive any reply from yet,  Pls. Check your spam folder.( you can click the below, it leads to Buying service request )

FOR BUYING REQUEST : You can Click below or  Go to Buying Request

Agent Buying service Korea


Quotation will be made and sent to you through your e-mail with Payment link within 1hour,  You can check quotation (Click "BUYING SESRVICE" for your quotation )and if you accept, make payment and Your Buying Service order will be proceed.

* Quotation will be sent within 1hours in business days (AM:09~PM06) and Sat.Sun.Holiday can be delayed.

* "If you did not receive any reply from yet,  Pls. Check your spam folder.


IF YOU CHOOSE " PAY DEPOSIT(Shipping charge later)"

If you choose "Pay depsoit" option, Buying quotation will be given to you without "shpping charge" as 1st. deposit payment and we will proceed with your order after your settle the 1st.Payment and we will send you "Shipping charge" payment link once all your items arrived here as 2nd. payment and we will Ship after your Payment.

depsoit payment


SUMMARY service fee

Buying Service fee(Handling fee) : 14.5% (Included Payment fee(PayPal fee) which is same 4.5% discounted)

if the items amount is less US$100, US$15.00 will be as Handling fee

EMS Shipping fee : refer to below ( EMS shipping rate and delivered by Korean Post office)   KOREAN POST OFFICE EMS RATE HERE

We 'KonlineHouse' offer the cheapest handling fee. You can enjoy world chpeast handling fee, we offer an equal handling fee (14.5% for total amount (except shipping) for your ordering to one shops(single shop order) or several shops(multiple shops orders).

Some of agent 10% or less , but, they ask service fee and Payment fee( such as PayPal fee) and other charges, so, fianlly, it almost over 15~20%,so, it exceed your budgets, it's very silly.

We only offer 14.5% -no hidden charge ( looks higher than other agent?, No, just calcualte)

ie) If you buy 2~3items from 2shops, and total amount is US$100, In this case, you Payable Amount is US$100(Your items amount) + US$14.5( Handling fee) + EMS shipping charge. that' all. no hidden charge at all.


Pay allbuying svc

Pay depsoit

KonlineHouse are not responsible for merchandise which selected by customers,and any taxes or other fees taht may be imposed by import country when your order reachs, We, therefore, need our customers to have a serious understanding of merchandise in the online shopping sites.,Customers can ask and inquiry any question related your goods to us, KonlineHouse will give you information and detail for your merchadise from the shop master or descritions in customer have pointed website by customers.